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Our OPS-X Simulation Training Products
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Our OPS-X Simulation Training Products
Prepare for the NERC Operator Certification Exams
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Effective July 1, 2013, NERC Reliability Standard EOP-005-2 requires new simulation technology
NERC System Operator Exam Prep Class and NERC CE Hours available via DVD
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OPS-X Training will lower operating costs
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Powersmiths is offering each of its seven OPS-X Modules delivered in the self-study mode for $249.  That's a total of 56 NERC CEH's, 56 Emergency Operations hours, 51 NERC Standards hours and 44 Simulation hours towards your NERC System Operator Certification requirement.  If you order five or more modules, the cost is $195 per module. Site licenses are also available.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Power System Simulations
Powersmiths International and PowerWorld have teamed up to develop electric power system simulations specifically designed to train Power System Operators.

Powersmiths has developed OPS-X, System Operations Simulation Exercises, to educate and provide system operators with experience with a wide range of scenarios from power system fundamentals to system emergencies.

OPS-X consists of seven simulation modules totaling 56 CEH's:

AC Systems

EHV Operations

Congestion Management

Power System Restoration

Transmission System Operations

Balancing Authority Operations

Emergency Operations

The OPS-X training fulfills the NERC System Emergency Operations Training requirement and is approved under the new Expanded Operator Certification program.

If your NERC Operator Certification expires in the next three years, get started now on obtaining the NERC CEH's that you will need to maintain that certification.  We have 56 CEH's available now and more on the way.

This is the most effective and fun training that you will experience. 

Start with Module I.   If you like it, pay only $195 for it and receive 8 NERC CEH's, 8 Emergency Operations hours, 6 NERC Standards hours and 7 Simulation hours towards your NERC System Operator Certification requirement.

Once again, your satisfaction is guaranteed or you pay nothing.

OPS-X is delivered via a CD and is a small PowerWorld based simulation program that runs stand-alone on your PC.  The OPS-X training can be taken as self paced, independent study or it can be used in a team/role playing environment.
OPS-X pricing can be tailored to meet your needs.  Please call Bill Smith at (770) 335-1872 to discuss at your convenience.

Click here to download the order form for the OPS-X Modules.


Simulation Exercises
Each Exercise targets a specific area of Power System Operation. A text presentation describes the basics of the relevant operating principles and the Exercise objectives. These principles are then put into motion in faster than real-time power system simulations. Operators must respond to changing power system conditions to keep the system within basic operating parameters.  Each Operator receives a score based upon their ability to respond correctly to the changing conditions.

Congestion Management Exercise



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