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On-site Orientation and Training
The updated text "Electric Power System Reliability -2019" is now available.
Our OPS-X Simulation Training Products
Prepare for the NERC Operator Certification Exams
OPS On-Line--NEW on line training from Powersmiths
Effective July 1, 2013, NERC Reliability Standard EOP-005-2 requires new simulation technology
NERC System Operator Exam Prep Class and NERC CE Hours available via DVD
The Analogy to Flight Simulation
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OPS-X Training will lower operating costs
On-site Orientation and Training
OPS-X Training at your site
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OPS-X is designed as an easy to use,  stand-alone program for individual study. As with any training media, however, there is a certain amount of effort required to load the program and become familiar with its operations and features.
To help with the many demands on your time, Powersmiths is offering, for a limited time, to provide on-site set-up and program and module orientation at no extra charge other than nominal travel expenses.
This offer is available to those companies in the United States purchasing 3 or more OPS-X modules for 5 or more participants.  While it is expected that Powersmiths availability on-site would be required for only 1 day, we will provide 2 days of on-site service at no charge if desired.
Call or e-mail us today to schedule your orientation and training session so that you can get an early start on your training requirements.
This is a no-risk offer as your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.



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