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The updated text "Electric Power System Reliability -2019" is now available.
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Prepare for the NERC Operator Certification Exams
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Effective July 1, 2013, NERC Reliability Standard EOP-005-2 requires new simulation technology
NERC System Operator Exam Prep Class and NERC CE Hours available via DVD
The Analogy to Flight Simulation
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About Us

Powersmiths International, Inc.

Powersmiths has over thirty years of electric power systems experience in operations, planning and engineering.
We are deeply involved in helping companies understand and  comply with the new NERC Reliability Standards.  Our involvement is on three fronts.  First we have a text book that serves two purposes: 1) it prepares System Operators for the NERC System Operator Certification Exam and 2) it provides companies with background and knowledge related to the scope of the NERC Standards and requirements.
Secondly, we offer NERC Reliability Standards compliance assessment and compliance maintenance services.  We do this through on-site assessment and inexpensive and easy to use Standards, Requirements and Measures management software.
We have guided companies through NERC audits with no violations found.
Thirdly, we offer NERC approved Continuing Education for NERC Certified System Operators for the maintenance of their operator credentials.
Wherever you happen to be on the compliance track, we can provide you with cost effective assistance.

Bill Smith founded Powersmiths International, Inc. in 1997. He regularly consults in the areas of system operations, planning and engineering and has developed customized training programs. 
Prior to forming Powersmiths, he served in the U. S. Air Force and worked for Westinghouse, PTI and held various senior planning and engineering management positions at Florida Power and Light.

Bill is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania and Florida and a NERC Certified Reliability Coordinator.
Bill holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electric Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  He also has an MBA from the University of Miami and attended the the PMD program at Harvard University.

Our Training Philosophy

Powersmiths has joined forces with PowerWorld to bring you the most effective power system training program. Hands-on simulations make the training program more interesting  and enjoyable and greatly improve material retention.


Powersmiths International, Inc. is a NERC recognized Continuing Education provider


Powersmiths International, Inc

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