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Powersmiths is the leading provider of simulation based Electric System Operator training materials.  We offer courses for NERC CE Hour credit as well as courses to prepare potential operators to take the NERC System Operator Certification Exam.
NEW.  Powersmiths now offers on-line training modules.  In addition to our OPS-X Simulator based training, we are now offering on-line training modules.  See the following page at this website for more details.

Powersmiths also provides services related to compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards including gap analyses, audit preparation and mock audits.

Visit our new website at
www.powersmiths.biz for our e-commerce capability.

Powersmiths now has available its NERC System Operator Exam Preparation Course on DVD.  See the page below for details or go to :

http://vimeo.com/user9429114/videos to see a sample.

FOR A LIMITED TIME- 8 NERC CEH's, 6 Standards hours, 7 Simulation hours and 8 Emergency Operations hours for $99.00

Powersmiths announces a significant limited time offer for 2017 for its OPS-X simulator based training delivered in the independent study mode. 

OPS-X consists of 7 modules each approved for 8 NERC CEH's and 8 Emergency Hours.  The number of simulation hours and standards hours varies with each module.  The price for each module is $249 per module per student.  Site licenses are also available. 

For a limited to time, to NERC Certified Operators, we are offering our OPS-X Module I, AC Systems for $99.  Just send us your NERC Certification number and we will email you our OPS-X program and Module I.  Send us your successful results within 30 days and we will record your credit for 8 NERC CEH's with NERC.

This offer is limited to 5 operators per qualified company.  Obviously, our intent is to introduce you to our program with the hope that you will buy more modules.  All we ask is that you have a good faith interest in purchasing NERC approved training from outside vendors.

Please email us today with your NERC Certification number or call Bill Smith at (770) 335-1872  if you have questions.

Please see below for more details.


Welcome to Opsxpert, the home of the  newly developed computer based electric power system training program OPS-X.  OPS-X is the product of teaming between Powersmiths International and PowerWorld Corporation.

Using PowerWorld simulation software, OPS-X presents Power System Operator training in a hands-on simulation environment.

One objective is to place the operators out of their comfort zone, in unfamiliar circumstances, with a skinny power system, at faster than real time to develop and test instincts and reactions.

System simulations greatly enhance the training experience and improve the retention of the material.

OPS-X meets the NERC annual requirement for System Emergency Operations training and is approved under the new Expanded Operator Certification program.

IF your NERC operator certification expires in the next three years, get started now in obtaining the CEH's you will need to maintain that certification.  We have 56 CEH's available now and more on the way.

OPS-X DEMO exercise

To download a demo version of OPS-X, please go to http://www.powerworld.com/download-purchase/demo-software/ops-x-trainer-demo-download or call or e-mail us to schedule a webex session where we will take you through the OPS-X demonstration. 

If you previously downloaded our demo, you will need one extra file to run the program so that you do not get a message that the demo has expired.  Please make us aware of this when you email us for the password and instructions.

Click here to download an updated description of OPS-X

Click here for a detailed description of the OPS-X modules


OPS-X is patterned after military jet simulators.  It is two tiered. OPS-X will teach you the physics of power systems and more importantly, it will enhance your critical decision making capability.  You will learn to think proactively and anticipate.  You will apply the physics to prevent emergencies.  "You really can't learn this from a book."


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